We are a private family-owned brewery, with seat in Upper-Franconia next to the city of Hof / Saale (in a small village called Fattigau). Upper-Franconia is a district in the north of Bavaria and has the highest density of breweries all over the world.

Our origin goes back to 1353. Robber barons, dynasties of princes and squires have brewed best beer right here. In 1909 our grandfather Christian Michael Stelzer purchased the brewery. The outstanding brewing liquor comes out of a 98m deep well, with an extremely low nitrate concentration of up to a maximum of 0.2 mg per litre.

In the brewhouse we brew gently and value-preserving after the old traditional rules and recipes out of best native malt and hop. During the main fermentation process  our beer ferments by the classical cold brewing process in the fermenting cellar. After the primary fermentation the beer maturates at low temperature in the storage cellar. Thus digestible and pure in its taste.
brauerei stelzer

As the first brewery in Upper-Franconia we brew with ‘Bioland’ ressources from controlled organic farming after strict ‘Bioland’ guidelines. The Schlossbrauerei Stelzer from Fattigau in Franconia brews tasty beer for hundreds of centuries.

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Enjoy our beer specialities in total calm.

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